Our Services

We feel proud to help businesses with our following expertise.

What Makes Our Model Unique and Successful

We own the operations end to end, enabling businesses to work direct, apart from a few programs that are implemented through networks that we trust.

Smart Operations

As a company, we WORK smart to support our client’s telemarketing needs.

Tailored Solutions

We customize our telemarketing services to suit any situation, any Business & any Industry.

The Finest Combination

We offer an attractive combination of inbound sales, customer services, & BPO.

Lead generation

Generating over 3000 leads/day on programs like Final Expense, Auto Insurance, Auto Warranty, Health Insurance, and Home Improvement.

Life Insurance Sales

Presently writing $100,000/Month in Premium’s, with success coming from both, our on-shore agents & our very talented off-shore support team.

Quality Assurance

WORK’s leadership has provided “Quality Assurance” services to multiple clients over the years, building customized systems for clients.

Inbound and Customer Services

WORK has a dedicated team members available to handle any type of inbound traffic resourcefully and autonomously.


Providing BPO and Marketing services to leading US &UK Marketing companies, which include live transfer of leads.